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Bundt Cake Breakfast

Mar 18, 2020

Super easy to make and turned out excellent! It does make quite a it, so it would be great with a family gathering.

With my new bundt pan I’ve had so much fun with cakes it was time to take it for a test run on a savory dish. I’d use my regular egg bake recipe and simply make it in a round pan. I mean the round kind with a hole in the center, the bundt pan. I’d use the same ingredients and end up with a tube of eggy deliciousness. I had plenty of ham to dice up and some spinach that needed to be used soon. I set the chopped ham aside for now.


1 cup diced ham
2 cups tater tots (…still frozen)
12 eggs (whisked)
1 can biscuits (8 Pilsbury Grands, ..diced up, raw)
2 cups cheese
1/4 cup milk

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