You’re gonna back after all

Rum Caramel Banana Bread

Looking for a simple, delicious, show-stopping dessert?
With the upcoming holiday season, I’m always looking for ways to simplify entertaining but still make it special and celebratory. I like to do this with some show-stopping food. I kick off most gatherings with a crowd-pleasing, no cook charcuterie board but my best tip is to do as much as possible the day before the party. That means I can relax, stress-free and enjoy. Happy hosts, happy guests.

The age old question: what dish to bring to the party?
My family believes we should never be pigeon-holed into just a single dessert for any gathering. So if you signed up to bring a dessert to your holiday gathering or even if you didn’t – bring this! I’m nudging ~ urging ~ you to make this because not only is it ridiculously good, but it’s practically guaranteed to make you look like a kitchen rock star which we all need some days.

loaf banana bread without nuts
caramel sauce
chopped pecans
fresh bananas
half gallon ice cream

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