Vanilla Swiss Roll


A. For the cake

Egg yolks- 4 (18 – 20 gr/ yolk) [room tempt]
Granulated sugar- 20 gram
Milk- 40 ml
Oil- 40 ml
Vanilla extract- 1 teaspoon
All purpose flour- 30 gram
Corn starch- 30 gram
White- 4 egg (30 – 35 gr/ egg white) [room tempt]
A pinch of salt
Cream of vinegar/lemon juice/cream of tartar- 1 teaspoon
Granulated sugar- 60 gram


Whipping cream- 125 ml
Granulated sugar- 20 gram


Baking tray is 38 cm length ,24 cm breadth (inside) and 2 cm height. However, this recipe can be used for slightly smaller or slightly larger pans.

NOTES for Success:

Egg white, the bowl that has egg white and the whisks should not have any strokes of fat such as yolks, oil, butter… otherwise the egg white will not be able to turn foamy (or be whipped to stiff)
The baking temperature and time may change depending on your oven. Some oven has unevenly heat (upper heat is higher than bottom heat or vice versa). So the best way is to watch your cake. Make sure that there is no crack on the surface of the cake while it’s baking. When your finger touches the cake, it springs back is a very good sign showing that the cake is ready to be taken out of the oven.


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