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Loaded baked potato soup

It’s loaded baked potato soup!! I don’t measure anything but I’ll tell y’all what I used for a big pot!!


-I cut up 3 packs of bacon and fried
-take bacon out
-add in chop onion and minced garlic
-once translucent add in baby golden potatoes (I used 3 little bags cut in half)
-fry about ten minutes
-add in chicken broth just enough to cover potatoes and simmer until almost tender
-add in heavy whipping cream (the tall one)
-I add in a flour slurry to make that thick
-once thick I add in cooked chopped bacon, broccoli florets (previously steamed), shredded cheese, pepper, and a little chicken bouillon seasoning to taste
-chopped bacon, shredded cheese and scallions to top.


I use potatoes usually a 3-5lb bag depending on the size but usually a 5lb bag I peel and diced them and boil the potatoes for bout 15 mins. Then I removed them and fry them with my 3 packages of bacon but only 2 packages go in the soup the other u save to top with. and onions usually use three large onions.
In another can I take bout 2-3 cups of chicken broth 2c butter and bout 1 2-3 cups of flour.
To make my soup thicker then add that to my potatoes and onions.
Then I slowly start adding my milk then add bout 8-10oz of sour cream.
Save bout 1 cup of sour cream to top your soup.
Then I keep stirring it then I slowly