These little squares are quite tasty. It’s just that they’re so easy to make that it seems almost wrong.There’s plenty to like about these salty treats. First of all, peanut butter is always welcome with my taste buds. That is, of course, enhanced by all the peanuts. And, for a girl who really is not a fan of them, the marshmallows work beautifully. Plus, they have that wonderful sweet and salty thing going for them.With only 5 ingredients and no baking involved, you can have these bars whipped up in short order. As much as most of us bake around the holidays, this is a perfect recipe to have in your arsenal for parties and gifts.

“Made exactly per recipe. Very nice and EASY! Folks eat-em-up. Tastes like a “Payday” for fraction of cost if ingredients bought in discount stores. Have made many batches. I tried the “adding more nuts suggestion.” Looks nice on the dish. But a bit too salty and nutty for me. Original recipe is a good balance of sweet and salt as is. Thanks for a great recipe.”

Five ingredients are all you need to make these Salted Nut Squares. A great no-bake sweet and salty treat!makes 30 bars

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