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French Vanilla Custard pie

Jun 19, 2021

French Vanilla Custard pie just out of the oven.

it’s just a throw together thing.

1 Pillsbury fridge crust rolled out & baked.

1LG box of vanilla pudding cooked box


Tempur in 6 egg yolks. Whip 6 egg whites with a jar of marshmallow cream to stiff peaks and top the pie & bake 350° till brown. You can do any other flavors too.

I just used a Pillsbury fridge crust rolled out & formed in the pan baked 10 minutes.
Cooked LG box of vanilla pudding and tempered the egg yolks in from the whites (6) a splash of vanilla.
Then whipped the egg whites added a jar of marshmallow cream and baked till baked till brown.
EASY & always perfect. You can add coconut or do chocolate!