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Jun 9, 2021

I’m obsessed with this cookies recipe, I will never be done loving that perfect combo.

I would not be surprised, that many of you share a similar love with these delicious cookies. Also, people who claim not to like peanut butter and chocolate will eat these delightful cookies.


1 box fudge brownie mix, I used the family size.
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips.
1 cup of Cream Cheese Softened, ( about 4 ounces).
1 cup Peanut-Butter.
1/4 cup butter. Melted.
1 cup powdered sugar.
An egg, large.


Step 1: I heated the oven to 350°f.
Step 2: I combined the brownie mix, with butter, cream cheese, and egg in a medium bowl, and I beat well with a mixer.
Step 3: I scoop the dough, producing about 24 cookies, onto an un-greased cookie sheet.
Step 4: I mixed the powdered sugar with the creamy peanut butter in another bowl until they are fully mixed.
Step 5: I shaped the mixture into balls of approximately 1 inch and set aside.
P.S: For each cookie, make sure you have one ball.
Step 6: I baked for 15 minutes (maximum).
P.S: Keeping an eye out for the cookies to ensure the cookies do not overcook.
Step 7: I spoon a peanut butter ball gently into the center of every cookie as soon as the cookies come out of the oven.
The mixture of peanut butter will melt slightly.
Step 8: For 5 minutes, I let the cookies cool, then I moved them to a wire rack to cool completely.
Step 9: I melted the cup of chocolate chips for 30 to 50 seconds in a microwave-safe bowl, stirring frequently till the chocolate chips are completely melted.
Step 10: On top of each cookie, I spoon about half of the tablespoon of melted chocolate so it covers the peanut butter ball.
Step 11: I let the melted chocolate set totally for 12 minutes.
Step 12: I stored the cookies in a jar that is airtight.