6 Flavors Of Hot Cocoa Bombs

Daughter and I got together to make hot cocoa bombs and chocolate spoons. Lots of fun!

We have 6 different recipe ideas for you to try yourself or give away!


Silicone Sphere Chocolate mold, 2”-3” spheres
Chocolate Almond Bark
Vanilla Almond Bark
Hot Cocoa Mix


Start by melting a few squares of each almond bark separately in microwave-safe bowls. For the 15 space 2” sphere mold, it took about 3 squares of almond bark.
Spoon a little bit of the melted almond bark into each sphere, then use the basting brush (or the back of your spoon… I just found a brush to be better) to paint the melted almond bark all around each sphere. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time, you’ll be doing 3 layers. And no matter how messy it looks, I promise that it will look perfect on the outside!
Let the almond bark cool and harden, then paint on another layer of almond bark. Repeat process one more time.
Once you have three layers of almond bark cooled in your molds, gently pop each sphere out by pressing on the backside of each mold.
Warm-up your frying pan for a minute or two on medium heat, then turn off the heat.
Quickly place each sphere half-open side down onto the warm frying pan, allowing the rough edges to melt away, and then quickly pick up and set aside. Do this with half of your spheres.
Fill with your desired ingredients from the above list. I used about 1 1/2-2 Tablespoons of filling in each bomb.
(If you use 3” or larger sized spheres, you can add marshmallows on top of your cocoa. The 2” molds will not fit both cocoa and marshmallows.)
Now take the other half of your molds and melt the rough edges. While the almond bark is still warm and melted on the edges, place on top of one of your filled sphere halves. Press together lightly and then wipe a clean finger around the edges to clean up the lines of melted almond bark. Let cool.
To use your cocoa bombs, place one into a mug. Heat up your desired type of milk, 8oz for each bomb. Bring your milk almost to a simmer, then remove from heat and pour over your cocoa bomb. Watch as it turns into delicious hot cocoa!
To decorate your bombs with a chocolate drizzle, simply melt 1-2 squares of almond bark in your desired flavor and let cool for a few minutes (so it’s not hot). Place your room temperature melted almond bark into a ziplock bagged snip a tiny bit off of one of the bottom corners of the bag. Squeeze the almond bark back and forth over each cocoa bomb to create a drizzled look.
To top with crushed candy cane, use some of the melted almond bark to dab on top of your bomb and then sprinkle a little of your crushed candy cane over the melted almond bark.
To give as gifts, these cocoa bombs fit perfectly into disposable cupcake boxes!

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