You’re gonna back after all

12 hour oak smoked brisket sandwich on freshly baked and toasted cheese sourdough

As someone said the start time is midnight to 1am.

Generally pull it 12-2 let it rest for a good 4 hours wrapped in towels in cooler. Internal temp stays above 155 so it’s food safe.

I have a pellet smoker have done the stick burner and other methods like propane. Pellet is the perfect mix of flavour and convenience. It regulates the temperature and has an alarm on my phone if temp goes too hot/cold by more than 10 degrees. It has a probe that alerts me when my meat is to the temp I want.

It’s a great system stick burner in the right hands will always taste better but this gets me 90-95% of the way there but way more conveniently.

Over night is my favorite. The larger weber smoker runs close to 225f for 8 to 9 hrs with a full factory fire ring before you have to mess with it. Aftermarket (cajun bandit) ring takes a full 20 lb bag of Kingsford plus some wood chunks and easily hits 12hrs in the slow cooking zone before knocking off the ashes gets you another 8hrs. It does run out quicker in cooler temperatures.

Overnight is a good idea, but if you’re doing it manually you’ll still need to be tending to it. I’ve started at 5 am before so I’m ready to serve in the early evening.

One warning though – when you start at dawn, most of the day feels like afternoon. When you bbq in the afternoon, beer is entirely acceptable, maybe even mandatory where you’re from. That’s a very long time to be standing by the bbq with a beer…

A half hour on the counter is not enough. Its definitely better than not resting it but in my opinion the best briskets I’ve ever made were the ones where I rested them for 3-4 hours, wrapped in a blanket. You want it to come down in temp very gradually, the meat will relax much nicer