Sourdough Cruffins

Sourdough Cruffins

Sourdough Cruffins

(For 8 cruffins)

Ingredients :

180 g bread flour

45 g all purpose flour

110 g water

68 g sourdough starter

32 g sugar

10 g butter, softened

8 g whole milk

4 g salt

2 g dry yeast Half vanilla pod

153 g softened butter for rolling

Method :
In the bowl of your standmixer, add all ingredients except butter. Place the hook attachment and knead during 3 minutes at low speed until all combined. Increase one speed and keep kneading during 2 minutes. Add the 10 g softened butter and keep kneading at medium speed (4 for a KitchenAid) during 12 minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic, but does not stick to the bowl or to your hands (18/20 minutes kneading in total). Shape the dough into a ball, transfer it in a clean bowl, cover and let it rest during 1 hour at room temp. Divide the dough in 4 equal parts (you’ll have to weigh the dough). Take one piece of dough, extend it a bit with your hand to give it the same witdth as the paste machine, and feed it inside the pasta machine starting at the thicker increment. It’s important to flour the dough from time to time in order to prevent it from sticking.

Overlap one end of the dough over the other in order to form a continous ring.
That way it’ll be easier to work with the dough without having to feed it each time you change the thickness increment. Keep extending the dough through the paste machine until reaching the thinner increment. You’ll get a really thin and long piece of dough. Handle it with care so that it does not tear and use flour so that it does not stick.
Cut one end with a knife to remove the extended dough from the pasta machine, and cut this piece in 2. Evenly extend butter over each piece of dough.
Tightly roll one of the pieces into a log. Put this log over one end of the other piece of dough, and roll again in order to get a thicker roll.
Cut this roll in half lengthwise.

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