Lobster Cheese and Mac filled with Sharp cheddar

Smoked Gouda and Monterey Jack with lump Lobster claw meat …
Lobster tail on top with shell on and a drizzle of Cajun cheddar garlic butter sauce..

Ingredients :

1 box elbow macaroni
16 oz sharp or Xtra sharp cheese
4 oz smoked gouda
Tablespoon of Marscapone or sour cream
Stick of butter
1 can of carnation pet milk
2 eggs
1 cup of heavy cream

Instructions :

(For seafood mac – small shrimp, crab claw meat, lobster claw meat)
Pre heat oven to 350 degrees
Put half of the cheddar cheese to the side, mix all other ingredients. Pour into a sprayed baking pan, sprinkle remainder of cheese on top
Seafood Topping
Lobster tail or crab claws
Sautee in butter, garlic paste, cajun seasoning. Cook halfway, then add to top of your macs . Cook until golden/ bubbly

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