Jacob’s Cake

I’ve been looking for this recipe for so very long and here he is now!…… the true Jacob!!
Oven 180°C.
Did it:
In mixing bowl: 400 ml self-raising flour, pinch of salt and 125 ml of sugar.
Rub in 125 ml soft butter and make with 1 clitted egg. Let stand while.
Roll dough out thin and squeeze out large round cakes with round cake pan.
Carefully pick up with egg span and place on lined greased flat cookie pans.
Bake 2 on a hit.
Place caution on cooling racks.
Also bake some dough and place aside.
Making filling:
In large pot; 1 l milk, 1 E butter, 125 ml sugar.
Bring gently to boiling point.
Mix together in large cup: 2 eggs, 50 ml flow powder, 50 ml maizena, 50 ml cake flour, pinch salt and 1 t vanilla essens.
Beat well through and slowly add to boiling milk.
Stir with thread klipper.
Cook gently for 2 minutes.
Allow to cool completely.
Beat down and close.
Place one large cake layer on plate and then filling, repeat until last custard on top.
Crumble rest pieces of cookies and scatter over the top.
Leave a day or two before serving.

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