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Deep Fried Tacos

Oct 14, 2021


Large Flour Tortillas
1 Pepper
1 Onion
Cheese of your choice Pepper Jack is delicious
Taco Seasoning
Protein of your choice
1 Egg
Canola or Vegetable Oil Enough for Frying


Cook your protein of choice.
Cut up and cook the veggies. Season generously.
Cut large flour tortillas in half
Beat your egg and set aside while waiting for your oil to heat up.
Place your protein, veggies, and cheese in the middle of your half tortilla
Brush edges with beaten egg and fold into a triangle. Press edges with a fork to help it stick.
Add to the oil 1-2 at a time. Fry on each side for 2-5 minutes ( until golden brown). Flip and repeat.
Let cool, top with your favorite taco toppings and enjoy!