Deep Fried Ham and Cheese Rolls

Perfect for Snacks / Meryenda especially with Juice or Softdrinks

You’ll Need :

Cooking oil
Sliced Ham – as many as you want
White Bread / Tasty Bread – as many as you want
Cheese – depends on how many rolls are you making
Eggs – 2 pcs
Bread Crumbs – 100 to 200g pack

Directions :

Low Heat setting:
Fry Ham then set aside
Thinly slice the cheese lengthwise
Using a Rolling pin or improvised rolling pin, flatten the tasty bread
You can remove the bread crust if you don’t want it
On the Flatten bread, add the fried ham on top of it, add the sliced cheese
Roll it up, then secure it with toothpick
Beat 2 eggs on a bowl
Dip the bread roll on the beaten egg then into the Bread crumbs
Coat it evenly

Low Heat setting:
Deep fry the bread rolls until it turns golden brown in color
Once it turns Golden brown in color, place it in a Paper towel to absorb excess oil
and remove the toothpicks
Serve hot and Enjoy!

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