Ingredients :

700 g of flour
+Or-150 g of sugar
5 eggs
80 g of butter
150 ml of non-sweet liquid milk
2 pinches of salt
2 Bags of vanilla sugar
1 Bag of chemical yeast
frying oil


1-mix properly the sugar + Butter + Vanilla Sugar.
2-add the whole eggs.
3-then add half of the flour.
4-pour the milk, then the rest of flour + the chemical yeast + Salt, mix properly until you get a ball that doesn’t stick to the hands.
5-let +or rest-1 H, then make tiny balls in hand or applaud the dough on a work plan and cut it out.
6-fry at medium fire.
To test a frying oil so that it doesn’t burn, add at the beginning of the heating 1 Croquette, 1 doughnut… then let the gild.
Once Golden, your oil is ready to make a nice fry

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