The Fluffiest Brioche Bread

Jan 22, 2023

The Fluffiest Brioche Bread

5 cups flour
A small piece of fresh yeast dissolved in a little warm water
1 cup warm milk
An egg
1/4 cup oil
1/2 cup sugar
Unsalted butter
Strawberry jam or to taste
For the face
Egg yolk
A little milk

The method
Put all the amounts of dough together
And knead in the perineum
Until we get a coherent dough
we knead it a little bit in our hands
We wrap it and let it brew for an hour in a warm place
After brewing it, we split it in half
We take each section we extend longitudinally
And cut off the limbs with peace
And cut it longitudinally for strips
And put at the end of each bar a medium spoon of jam
And put the rolls in a greased oil mold
And wrap the mold to brew the rolls again
Then brush with egg yolks, milk and vanilla
And we get it into a medium-heat oven pre-equipped
And she progresses when she grows up and her face is reddened

Method videos 


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