T-Bone with mushrooms and mashed potatoes

I have been discussing with a friend lately the different kinds of steak and ways to cook it. So, the other day when I went to the supermarket, I bought T-Bone steak. I didn’t want to buy lot because I wanted to know first if I can cook it well and if the meat is tender. I rarely eat beef except if it is “Bulalo” but I only like the marrow and the broth.

My friend said just to put a little salt and pepper and cook in a lot of butter…. that’s what I did. I also used my cast iron ridged pan. I suppose if you don’t have that, any flat pan will do as long as it is thick.

When the pan is smoking hot, lower heat to medium, add about 1 t. cooking oil and 1-2 T. butter.

Season the meat with 1/4 t. salt and 1/8 t. pepper. (Since I like mine salty, it’s up to you if you want to season. I know a few who do not like because they can not enjoy the taste of the meat.)

Now… this is the tricky part … if you overcook the meat, it’s going to get tough but then I don’t like my steak bloody. So how do I cook it? For me… the minute I see blood oozing out already near the bone, I flip it over and continue cooking for about a minute or two. It depends on the thickness of the steak also. I don’t know how to grill because it turns out super rare inside but charred outside. So the cast iron ridged pan is a safer bet for me.

Saute sliced button mushroom in the pan where the steak was cooked, remove and put on top of the meat.

In the same pan, pour the gravy and turn off heat. You can drizzle some on top of your meat and serve in a bowl for those who want more.


Boil 1 C. water and 1/2 Knorr Beef cube.

Melt 1 T. butter and add 1 T. flour in a saucepan, blend well.

Pour all at once the beef broth, not slowly or else you will see lumps in your gravy. Use a wire whisk to stir the gravy. Add 1 -2 t. soy sauce. Continue stirring until slightly thickened. When you pour the gravy in the steak pan, it will thicken some more.


Mashed Potaoes

1/2 K. potatoes, big or jumbo

1/4 C. butter

1/4 C. fresh milk

1/2 t. salt

1/4 t. pepper

Peel potatoes and cut into big cubes. Boil until very tender.

Mash potatoes, add the butter.

Using the paddle attachment of the Kitchen Aid, mix the potatoes with butter, then season with salt and pepper.

Add milk, 1 tablespoon at a time.

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