Steak & Ale Pie

2.5lb chuck roast
1 ½ onions roughly chopped
4 large carrots chopped
4 tbsp plain flour
2tsp caster sugar
1 bottle of St. Arnolds Amber Ale
½ bottle of beef stock
Bay leaves
8oz bacon
8oz mushrooms (halved)

Instructions :
Brown the beef then set aside
Sauté the onions and carrots
Add the beef with the veggies and then add the beer, flour, sugar
Place on the big green egg (grill) for 2h at 375F (indirect)
While the beef is on the BGE, cook the bacon and mushrooms in a skillet (6 min total)
Remove the filling from the BGE and add the bacon and mushrooms
Let the filling cool off. Once cool add to the pastry
Put the pie in the big green egg at 400F (indirect) for 40min
Pull the pie and let it cool for 10 min

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