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Southern Hash Brown Casserole – Sticky, Filling, And DELICIOUS!

I had some family coming to stay with me for a few days, and they were big eaters. Well, the kids were anyways. They were like machines. It seemed like every time I turned around, they were asking for something else to eat. I tried to keep a fresh fruit out along with a veggie tray ready, but they were on vacation so they wanted something besides the healthy stuff the whole time they were here. I discovered after a few days that if I filled them up good for breakfast, they would last until lunch without getting hungry again.

They were tired of pancakes and waffles by the third day, so I had to come up with something else. I know whenever I go out to eat, I like to get a hash brown with my breakfast. It’s so tasty and super filling. I figured there had to be something that I could do with the hash browns I had in my freezer, and I was right. I found this recipe on Recipe Lion and whipped it right up.

We had bacon and eggs along with this casserole and a few pieces of toast. Everyone was super satisfied with breakfast that day and all we had to have was a light lunch before dinner time. It was nice to get a little bit of a break from the kitchen!

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