Fried Shrimp, Beans, Mac and Cheese

This recipe is easy and fun to make



Cheddar Cheese
Cream Cheese
Whole Milk
Elbow Macaroni



Boil your macaroni for about 10 minutes Make sure that you add salt in the water and make sure it comes to a boil before placing the macaroni in the water Cook your shrimp Make sure that you devein the shrimp
Place milk and cheese in a pan and season the roux Once done put the roux over the macaroni Also put some cream cheese in One block should be enough You can always skip this step if that is just too much cheese
Place shrimp in the noodles Stir and place more cheese on top
Adjust these instructions and ingredients and you see fit
Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until brown on the top

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