Shrimp & Grits

My son and I decided to make shrimp and grits and we weren’t disappointed.
We buy stone ground grits and cook them from the directions on the grits
But I use chicken stock instead of water.
A touch of salt and pepper and when they’re finished cooking I add 1/2 a cup of Gruyere cheese….
For the shrimp I get a great deal at 6.99 a pound at Kroger for large shrimp .
Peel and Devein the shrimp if not already..
I put a pad of butter-
2 tbs in a nonstick skillet and a “spoonful of minced garlic “ let melt and add a good tbs of chili paste.
Asian section- it’s not too hot.
Stir. Takes about three minutes maybe four to cook the shrimp add then add a little chopped up green onions and a little salt and pepper and turn the burner off move aside .
Take a good spoonful of the grits and lay on plate for a base.
Plate and arrange the shrimp then pour a little bit of the juice from the pan over the top.
I cook for two so for $3.50 a plate basically we had shrimp and grits and I added one of those homemade biscuits to it just to make it more southern 😂❤️
There Are tons of things you can add- and I have but this was kind of light, less fat so thought it came out well.
Bacon and more cheese and more grits always helps!

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