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Homemade Meat Candy (Pork Belly Burnt Ends)

If anyone is interested, this at one point was a whole pork belly that I cubed up, smoked with rub and then tossed in butter, honey, brown sugar and bbq sauce. I put them back on the smoker to let the sauce set a bit and then unsuccessfully tried to stop popping them like they were skittles.

8lb Pork Belly skin removed
½ cup Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub
1 ½ sticks Butter sliced
½ cup Brown Sugar
¼ cup Honey
Pork Belly Burnt End Glaze
1 cup Killer Hogs The BBQ Sauce
¼ cup Apple Juice
¼ cup Apple Jelly
1 Tablespoon Frank’s Hot Sauce