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Fried Chicken Breast recipe

-Fully wash chicken breast
-Season (all purpose seasoning) chicken breast.
-Place chicken breast in bowel with buttermilk and hot sauce for NO LONGER THAN 2 hours at room temperature

**If you want it to marinate longer; You will need to place in refrigerator. **

-Remove all chicken breast to drain buttermilk/hot sauce off
-Mix the wet mix (buttermilk/hot sauce) with dry mix (flour, all purpose seasoning, Cayenne pepper) into same bowel till it pancake like mix.
-Dip chicken breast in plain all purpose flour
-dip chicken in wet and dry mix
-dip chicken in plain all purpose flour again
-Fry chicken breast at 375” for 15-18 min
-Place on cooking pan and drizzle honey sauce (if preferred)
-Pre heat oven to 350”
-Place chicken in oven for 5 min for the honey to marinate.