Shrimp & Sausage With Fried Cabbage

Often I make Shrimp Fried Rice so I decided to do something a lil different this time…..

Ingredients :

1 head cabbage
Beef or chorizo sausage ( preferably your choice
Medium/ Large Raw Shrimp ( peeled, devained, tail on/ off
1 Tbsp Canola Oil/ or you can fry a slice of bacon-
Creole Seasoning
Whole sweet onion ( diced
You can add your taste of seasonings*

Directions :

Shred/ cut up cabbage and rinse
Add cabbage in skillet/ or if you use bacon, remove bacon after frying and add cabbage to skillet. Add creole seasoning and stir – place top on skillet and allow cabbage to sautee
Cook sausage in another skillet with onions/ add shrimp 5 mins before sausage is done. Continue to cook until done ( set aside
Add sausage & shrimp to cabbage moments before cabbage is done. Season to taste
You can eat over a bed of rice or enjoy as it is..

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