Crispy Bacon Crusted Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Mar 15, 2023
Crispy Bacon Crusted Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

my kiddos love mozzarella cheese sticks. i love to make homemade ones for them all the time. so, i figured, let me put a recipe of them on my website! so in brainstorming this recipe, i was reaching for some bacon bits to put on my son’s sandwich. bacon bits are very popular in my house. it hit me like a ton of bricks to coat the cheese-sticks with the bacon bits. and as much as my kids love bacon, it would be a big deal! so i tried it. all i have to say is, oh em gee. i can not make these enough in my house! it is a nice treat every once in a while when we are feeling naughty. they are perfect for appetizers for a party and even new year’s!

total Time: 20 minutes
prep time: 15 minutes
cook time: 5 minutes
yield: 12 servings

You’ll Need :

1 package of string cheese – cut in half
2 eggs – beaten
1 cup bacon bits –
1 cup panko breadcrumbs –
1 tablespoon dried parsley –
1 teaspoon garlic powder –
oil for frying –

Directions :

place the eggs in a medium sized bowl and beat lightly. set aside.
in a food processor, add the bacon bits. pulse the bacon bits until fine enough to coat the cheese-sticks.
add in the panko, parsley and garlic powder. pulse until combined. pour out into a dish.

To assemble:

dip each mozzarella cheese stick into the egg and place into the bacon bit mixture. roll the cheese-sticks around in the bacon mixture until coated well.
place each coated cheese-stick onto a tray. repeat with the remaining cheese-sticks.
put the tray of coated cheese-sticks into the freezer until completely frozen.
preheat the oil in a frying pan to 350 degrees.
carefully place the cheese-sticks in the oil and fry quickly until golden brown. allow to cool for a few minutes before eating!
these can be baked instead of fried! it is also a great make ahead recipe. make a double batch and freeze some of them for the next time you want some.

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