Cajun Pasta Orleans Baked


Chicken breast

Fresh crab or imitation crab
Fresh basil pesto
Vodka pasta sauce
2 jars of alfredo sauce
Fresh garlic
Fresh parmesean or asiago
Ricotta cheese
Green onions to garnish
Half a pound of fettuccine

Lawry’s black pepper seasoning
Cajun seasoning Tony’s
Garlic powder
Old Bay seasoning
Heavy whipping cream


1. one boil fettucini until al dente please do not overcook the pasta

Season chicken with Cajun seasoning Larry black pepper seasoning and garlic powder
Pan fry chicken breast with olive oil and fresh garlic chop and set aside

2. Season the shrimp with Cajun seasoning set aside

3. Pan fry the shrimp with butter

4. Once noodles are cooked al dente drain noodles. Rinse with cold water to stop cooking process. Drain then use egg to massage noodles dont be scared use your hands. Once well coated use half a jar of basil pesto and massage noodles with basil pesto set aside

5. Once chicken is done chop it up. I season it again with cajun seasoning set aside

6. Now you have the chicken done the shrimp done get a bowl and add Chicken shrimp and crab if you’re using imitation crab mix all three together if you’re using fresh crab wait to the end to add the crab.

In the bowl use the whole jar of Vodka sauce and both jars of Alfredo sauce pour over the Chicken shrimp and crab add a cup of ricotta you can cook this on low for about 10-15 minutes you just make sure stirred well while cooking do not burn once done set aside this is the meat sauce

7. Now you going to grab a deep pan maybe like for lasagna or a roasting pan. Once you have your pan add a little bit of meat sauce to the bottom of the pan. This basically is going to be done in layers like lasagna

8. Next get a generous amount of fettuccine noodles and put in the pan. On top of the fettuccine will be the Chicken shrimp and crab mix add fresh parm and chop mozarella on top repeat twice or 3x

9. Once you done layering get the Heavy whipping cream and just pour on top it doesn’t matter where you pour it just pour it and make sure it looks wet.

When you’re done top with Mexican shredded cheese and parmesean and if you use fresh crab this is the time you put the crab on top of the mexican cheese.

Cover with aluminum foil baked at 400 for about 40 minutes it may have been 40 to 45 minutes or at least until crispy at the top

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