Honey Biscuits stuffed with cheese eggs and turkey sausage

How Make it :

You first make you your scramble eggs don’t cooked them all the way, make your sausage links or patties, then you chopped your sausage up.

Take your biscuits pulled it in half, take one half and in place it into a muffin pan, make sure you butter the pan first.

After you place one half in the pan, now you place your eggs, then sausages, then shredded cheese on top.

Last you place the second half of the biscuits on top of the eggs sausage and cheese.

Make sure you press around the edges to make sure the middle is covered.

Place it in the oven until biscuits is done.

Take out butter the top and squeeze honey all over and there you have it.

You can also stuff then with potatoes as well.


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