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Strawberry Glazed Pound Cake

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This incredible Strawberry Glazed Pound Cake is rich and dense, yet light with a slight touch of lemon, then drizzled with a delicious sweet and easy to make glaze.

So here’s the thing, this isn’t your old-school pound cake, with a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, eggs and flour – but it is close. There’s butter, sugar, eggs and flour here but there’s also some flavor and moisture adding stuff like sour cream, lemon zest, and lemon juice, which I love because it gives this cake a slight lemon flavor which goes great with this strawberry glaze.

Ingredients :

Dry ingredients – All purpose flour, baking powder and baking soda, and salt!
Butter – Unsalted as we want to control the sodium content of our cake.
Oil – We want a light neutral tasting oil to add lots of moisture. I use a light vegetable oil like canola.
Eggs – The binder in our cake.
Dairy – We’re using milk – any milk, and sour cream today. Don’t worry the sour cream won’t take over the flavor of the cake, it will add brightness and moisture to our batter.
Lemon – Both fresh juice and fresh zest, they’re needed to add some acidity to our cake to help combat all those rich flavors.
Vanilla – Just some extract to help round out our flavors, it’s a flavor secret weapon in baking!

Strawberries – I used fresh today, you can also use frozen.
Sugar – Just some white granulated sugar to give a nice clean sweetness.
Lemon – Fresh juice to brighten up our glaze, also is there anything better than a lemony glaze?
Cornstarch – Added to help our glaze thicken and reach the right consistency without imparting any flavor.


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