You’re gonna back after all

Steak sandwich. Ribeye fried in butter with onions and garlic. Sliced tomato, mayo, and dijon.

It looks awesome but I hate trying to eat ciabatta sandwiches. Everything falls out by the time your teeth can force themselves through the bread.

This one wasn’t so tough! I think toasting it helps a fair bit. Also sharpening your teeth.

Ribeye! Fried up in the old cast iron.

Ciabatta is one of those breads that is better grilled.

I like it grilled with butter/oil under a press.

Or, if you have your ingredients in a pan, put the bread over the ingredients and let the bun absorb the flavour. Leave it there awhile. Cover it if you want.

Either way, getting it moist helps. The press pushes the evaporating moisture back in at the top.

One thing to add, if you think about just “bread hors d’oeuvres”, with cracked, coarse peppercorns and olive oil, it’s great.

Guess what? Grilling it on cracked peppercorns in olive oil works as well. With the press.

Rule of thumb: the sturdier the bread, the better it’ll work grilled. If you think of a cheesesteak, they should be chewy. But you also want them to absorb steam from the meat/veg.