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Put Apple Cider Vinegar On Your Face And See What Happens

Oct 30, 2020

It has been scientifically shown that apple cider vinegar treats various skin issues, such as eczema.

Its beneficial effects in the treatment of eczema are due to its potent properties, including.

Apple cider vinegar contains numerous vitamins and minerals which strengthen immunity and control eczema, like potassium, pectin, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphur, and phosphorous.

Being rich in fiber, vinegar removes the toxins which cause eczema.

Apple cider vinegar has beta-carotene, which helps the renewal of cells.

It is high in potassium, which regulates the pH levels of the skin and treats allergies.

Vinegar is high in lactic, acetic and malic acids, which have potent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which soothe the dry skin, skin infections, inflammation, and itchiness. Yet, note that it should not be applied directly on the skin. Therefore, dilute it in water in equal amounts, apply a bit on the hand to test whether the skin is sensitive to it, and if nothing happens, you can freely apply it on the face.

Vinegar cleanses and rejuvenates it, treating numerous different skin conditions. Here are 5 reasons to use it and relieve skin problems, and promote skin health.

Vinegar balances the skin eliminates excess oil and regulates the pH levels. Hence, it regulates the production of sebum and prevents excessive dryness or oily skin, and maintains a skin balance.