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Pork Chops That Melt in Your Mouth

I had a lot of chops to cook, so to cut down on the time, I cooked them this way & produced a chop that was super moist & melt in your mouth tender, no knife needed.

Cook time : 45 Min    Prep time : 5 Min    Serves : 8 chops

Ingredients :
8 pork chops or pork cube steaks
1/2 tsp ea. granulated garlic & onion, blk pepper, paprika, mixed together
1 c flour or panko opt.
1 c canola oil

Directions :

1. Place just enough oil In skillet to barely cover bottom, heat to med-high heat, In meantime, season & lightly flour chops. Preheat oven to 375.
2. Lightly brown both side of chops, place on baking sheet. Pop in 375 oven for 35 min. (may need longer depending on thickness of chops, these were thin bone in chops).
3. NOTE: If using cube steak, reduce oven time to about 20 min.

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