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You Think That 120/80 Is A Normal Blood Pressure: You Are Completely Wrong!

12o over 80 is considered to be the normal blood pressure, but according to the ESC Association it is not. According to the newest researches that are done, 140 systolic and 90 diastolic is the normal blood pressure (140 is the top measurement and 90 is the bottom measurement number).
But this measurement is not including elderly people and those who are dealing with diabetes, whose maximum limit is 130 over 80.
Not long ago, 139 over 89 was the blood pressure that was considered as hypertension, and people were recommended to consume medicine to prevent and protect themselves from strokes and heart attacks!

It is considered that a low blood pressure should be lower than 90 mmHg systolic, and lower than 60 mmHg diastolic, while dangerously low blood pressure is considered to be 80 mmHg systolic and over 50 mmHg diastolic. If you experience or notice a rapid drop of your blood pressure, go consult yourself with a doctor!
A lower blood pressure should not worry you, if it is not followed with certain alarming symptoms like headaches, dizziness or abnormal heart rate.
You can easily notice a hypertension when you develop it, if you know your normal blood pressure range, which is very important. The hypertension is a health condition that is able to cause the development of many dangerous health diseases and issues, and it is highly important to diagnose it on time and treat it as fast as possible.
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