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Natural Remedy for Intestinal Cleansing

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Symptoms such as: lack of appetite, anemia, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, eczema, repeated allergic reactions, excessive sweating, and so forth might indicate having intestinal parasites. However, a description of the symptoms mentioned above rarely is sufficient for diagnosis. Tests are indicated in order to detect in advance the presence of intestinal parasites. There are several remedies available on many profile sites, but the one presented below is by far the most effective.

· 2 spoons of thyme tea;
· 1 spoon of hemp flour;
· 2-3 cm ginger root;
· 500 ml of water;
· 3-4 clove sticks.

Preparation Method:
Boil the water. When it reached boiling point, stop the fire and add the thyme and ginger peeled and diced. Let the mixture to be infused for 30 minutes. Once cooled, strain the liquid and then add the hemp flour stirring constantly. The remedy is ready for consumption.

Store it in the refrigerator
Half of the amount obtaind is to be consumed in the morning, after eating breakfast. The other half is to be store in the refrigerator and to be consumed in the evening, after dinner. Chew one or two clove sticks for five to ten minutes after each dose administered.

Repeat the procedure for two weeks for cleansing your intestines successfully. This cleansing treatment should be repeated every 6 months.

You can check the effectiveness of this natural remedy by repeating tests in a laboratory. You will be surprised by the effects!

This remedy is extremely useful for treating the following types of parasites:

Pinworms (Enterobius Vermicularis);
Beaver fever (Giardiasis);
Ascaris Lumbricoides;
Leishmania parasite (causing Leishmaniasis, also spelled Leishmaniosis, and ackne breakouts and rosacea);
Pancreatic fluke of cattle (causing Diabetes);
Parasitic roundworm Strongyloides Stercoralis (causing headaches and migrenes);
Trematod Fasciolopsis Buskii, also called the giant intestinal fluke (a flat worm causing cancer).
The most important aspect to keep in mind is that these parasites can not hurt you as long as they are only present only in the intestines. It becomes problematic when these parasites cross the intestine barrier and reach various organs. Therefore it is essential to conduct a cleansing treatment every six months in order to enable them to go further the intestines.

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