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Most People Cook Onions Wrong, Chef Explains What To Do With Each One

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Sweet Onion

Pros: Mild taste when consumed raw and goes great with many types of recipes.

Cons: Shorter shelf life.

Cooking Uses: Great for a variety of recipes (especially when used in slow cookers). The sweet taste is delicious raw or cooked and pairs well with items like tomatoes and potatoes!

White Onion

Pros: Sharp flavor and very versatile when used in cooking.

Cons: Thin skin and powerful impact on eyes when chopping.

Cooking Uses: White onions are a staple in Latin cooking! Throw them in a salsa, guacamole, tacos, or whatever else your heart desires. The strong raw taste is best when offset by other more gentle flavors! They also work as a great pizza topping!

Bonus: Shallot

Pros: Mild taste and a hint of garlic.

Cons: Expensive!

Cooking Uses: Use as a side for fancier meals and feasts – or sliced thinly in Asian-style cuisine! They are also great as a side dish for a Christmas Eve pot roast, or can work well when paired with a Thanksgiving turkey!

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