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Learn the signals of a dangerous headache

Have you ever had to stop what you were doing because your headache was just too intense to manage? It’s something most people go through, and it’s not hard to start wondering about potential causes for a headache. Before you get paranoid, though, it’s useful to learn about the different kinds of headaches and what each of them might mean.
1. Tension headaches refers to tension headaches as the standard headache most people have on an occasional basis. They tend to feel like a squeeze around the temples, back of the head and neck. They can usually be handled fairly easily, with over-the-counter medicine.

2. Cluster headaches
Cluster headaches recur in bunches, tend to focus only on one side of the head, and are sometimes accompanied by a runny nose or teary eyes. reports these headaches affect more men than women and may be genetic.

3. Sinus headaches
These are a little different, as they are caused by inflamed, congested sinuses. Antibiotics and antihistamines are a great way to get rid of these.



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